DictionKanari, affectionately known as Mocha, has been writing since she could walk. She is grateful for her parents making her write and draw on a notepad in her little rocking chair everyday. Over time, her love affair with writing diminished and was thankfully rekindled when she entered the Creative Writing magnet in high school. She shared her traumas and triumphs annually at her magnet’s poetry reading as well as having her works published in the school’s literary magazine Graphphophobia. Junior year, she received the Poetry as well as the Drama certificate of Merit from the Alabama Writer’s Forum High School Literary Arts Awards. During her last semester of high school, she was awarded the Ruth and Jay Ott Senior Portfolio Scholarship from the Alabama Writer’s Forum. She has one poem published in the University of South Alabama’s 2019 Edition of the Oracle, the school’s literary magazine. She was granted the opportunity of interviewing author of Bad Feminist, Dr. Roxane Gay, as well as being a panelist for various events such as World Democracy Day, discussing the Black Lives Matter movement and Diversity Day, discussing solutions for the School-to-Prison Pipeline. DictionKanari personifies truth,authenticity, and soul. Her greatest weapon has and will always be her words, giving energy and life to the world around her.