ReyDub Tha LifeChanger

ReyDub Tha LifeChanger has been writing poems and short stories since the early 90’s and has continued to use writing as a way of therapy. In 1996, one of her original poems was submitted by her AP English teacher for a county-wide student competition. The topic was “We Are The Future,” and she won 1st place in the high school division. She performed at a couple of open mic shows while attending Alabama State University and continued to write.  She started writing again in 2009 but didn’t have the courage to step to the mic again until March 2016 at a Shock Therapy Sundays show. Eterniti Everlasting lovingly said “You better be back next month,” after hearing her poem “That’s What Hurts.” ReyDub Tha LifeChanger has performed at several shows on open mic for 2 years and loves the stage even though she’ll tell you she’s always nervous. She truly looks forward to working with members of Powerlines Poetry for years to come.