Mr. I'm JustBeinHonest

Mr. IJBHONEST has been writing poetry since the age of 12 yrs old. As an only child not really having a childhood his grandmother Juanita Midell Jones passed when he was 8 yrs old. It was then that his life changed forever. He began writing as a way of dealing and coping with her death and his father's incarceration & drug abuse. While doing open mic performances at various places such as Xcite, Levels, & The Crooked Martini in Mobile, AL he ran into Powerlines Poetry in 2016. Spoken word is a form of expression and creative outlet in which he uses to inspire people. His stage name was a self proclaimed title because his poetry is raw and uncut. He continues to perform in various locations perfecting his craft and talent. Poetry is meant to uplift hence his slogan "Create, Enlighten, Inspire"